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Subject Self Check Out Kiosk Solution for Book Store
  • 2021.06.16
Customer Description
  • Customer is one of the Biggest and largest Book Store Chain companies in Korea.
  • Customer operates 42 book store branches in Korea and leading the publishing industry.
Customer Objects
  • Due to the COVID-19, the customer wanted a non-face-to-face payment service system.
  • The system provides an accurate touch experience and powerful performance to provide an enhanced customer experience.
  • The system should have a customized size shelf so that customers can place the books while they are processing payment.
  • Customer was looking for a system that can locate it wherever they wanted, even in a limited installation space.
  • The system should have a built-in type Barcode reader to check the price of item(s).
  • The system should have a built-in type MSR/SCR combo module to read both membership cards (magnetic stripe) and credit cards.
  • Requested shelf should not affect or impair the overall design of the system.
  • The shelf should stiff and stable enough to carry more than 100Kg.
  • The Kiosk should provide well-balanced and optimized performance to provide ideal systems within the project budget.
  • POSBANK redesigned the entire pedestal to fulfill the customer’s request including a customized shelf that can carry over 100Kg.
  • BIGPOS already applied the PCAP touch module to provide the most accurate touch control for the system.
  • POSBANK closely cooperates with the software provider to provide an optimized and cost-effective system to the customer.
Result and Benefits
  • Thanks to our engineers’ effort and hard work, we were able to provide BIGPOS with a customized pedestal with a shelf that fulfills customer’s requirements yet maintains an elegant design. Optimized shelf size provides a better customer experience on the payment process.
  • Even with the customized shelf, it still maintains slim design and size; therefore, BIGPOS can install any places that the customer intended.
  • POSBANK carefully identified the software specifications, so that we could provide optimum system specifications, thereby reducing the project cost burden on customers.