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Subject Self-check-in kiosk for 24 hours unmanned study cafe
  • 2022.11.14
Customer Description
  • It is one of the famous study cafes* in Korea that allows you to rent a certain space for study or meetings after paying an hourly rate. It has opened and operated chain stores nationwide.
  • * A study cafe is a space that combines a reading room and a cafe. It has emerged as more and more people in Korea want to work or study in an open and relaxed atmosphere than a library.
  • It operates as a 24-hour unattended study cafe and is expanding the number of chain stores.
Customer Objectives
  • Using a kiosk, we plan to operate a study cafe with an unattended system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Users should be able to use store promotional images or videos on the standby screen before use.
  • In the kiosk, users should be able to easily sign up for membership along with photo registration, and the operator should be able to manage members and manage the electronic guestbook.
  • Since it must be a system that operates continuously for a long time, it is necessary to secure sufficient capacity of a stable and high-performance CPU, storage, or memory.
  • It should be possible to add an option item for using the camera or electronic guestbook function so that members can take photos to check in and out.
  • By adopting the stable and convenient Android operating system, it is possible to operate the user authentication using a mobile phone or even a mobile phone notification message during the user's membership sign-up process.
  • In addition to the basic memory and storage of the kiosk, a Micro SD was installed to store and utilize many resources for publicity or information messages on the standby screen.
  • An additional camera was installed in the kiosk, allowing users to take photos and sign up for membership.
  • By adding an NFC reader option to the kiosk, the electronic guestbook function can be used according to the location-based of the chain store where the kiosk is installed.
Results and Benefits
  • From the operator's point of view, labor costs can be reduced, and management functions such as member management and plan management are easy, resulting in high satisfaction.
  • When creating a handwritten access list, personal information security is weak, cumbersome subsidiary materials such as paper, files, and pens must be managed, and there are no problems with inaccurate data such as missing or false data.
  • Users were able to check the information message without checking the fee schedule or a separate notice board when entering and leaving the room.