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Subject Succeeded in miniaturization of the kitchen and labor saving through complete self-ordering by installing a kiosk
  • 2022.11.14
Customer Description
  • The franchise is a DIY casual dining concept restaurant headquartered in Singapore with more than 400 stores in Japan, Asia and Australia.
  • As a plan to open stores in 2022, it is planned to expand the location of openings from the traditional food court center to station buildings and small stores near the station.
Customer Objectives
  • We aim to reduce labor by adopting self-ordering, where orders are placed on the screen and received by themselves.
  • When the customer's payment is complete, an order is placed in the kitchen to start cooking, and the customer receives the finished dish by printing out the self-order form and moves to the audience, thereby reducing the size of the kitchen.
  • When opening a store in a narrow space in front of a station or in a station, it is difficult to arrange the kitchen and audience due to an irregular layout, so the space for self-ordering had to be minimized as well.
  • Since the process of ordering and payment by customers themselves must be done entirely by self-service, it was necessary to produce a kiosk that can print receipts and allow various payment methods including cash payments.
  • By installing a kiosk terminal at the entrance of the store, customers can view and enjoy the menu on a large signage slowly and order, thereby relieving the lack of space in the store.
  • In addition to cashless payment, a cash payment module was introduced to completely unmanned the menu ordering process.
  • A printer is built-in to print a receipt after payment.
Results and Benefits
  • By installing a kiosk in front of the store and reducing the kitchen area, the space between the rooms was increased by expanding the seating area, realizing an environment where you can eat without worrying about the customers next to you.
  • The ordering process is self-service, reducing the burden on the staff working at the store, allowing them to focus on the core tasks of customer service and cooking, creating an environment that is easy for employees to work.