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Subject Outdoor Kiosk for 24/7 Robot Cafe
  • 2023.01.11
Customer Description
  • It is a Korean unmanned cafe franchise brand where a robot barista works 24 hours a day receiving orders, making coffee, and delivering drinks to the counter for customer pick up without the help of employees.
  • They operate mainly in major commercial districts to revitalize the economy including highway rest areas and subway stations, where store operating hours have been shortened since COVID-19, to promote untact consumption culture and provide a wide range of products and services. As the demand for self-service culture continues to rise with need of safety and accessibility, the number of robot cafe stores are continually rising.
Customer Objectives
  • Since it is an unmanned takeout store, non face-to-face ordering and payment through a kiosk must be possible.
  • Since beverages can be received by scanning the receipt barcode, a printer must be built-in.
  • It should be a kiosk that matches the exterior of highway rest areas and subway stations.
  • For convenience, self-ordering and self-payment must be possible.
  • For takeout customers with short waiting times, printing receipt faster than the in-store customers is an essential element for store operation.
  • Kiosks should not interfere with not only takeout customers but also the other passerby at the highway rest area and subway station.
  • 21.5" wide display that allows intuitive menu selection, a scanner, and MSR/SCR payment modules are equipped.
  • Built-in 3-inch thermal type printer with high resolution and automatic output of up to 250mm/s.
  • A standing type kiosk with a slim but strong base plate is installed in the semi-outdoor area, and a wall mount type kiosk is installed in the indoor subway station store so that it does not interfere with on-the-go customers.
Results and Benefits
  • It directly helped increase store sales by effectively reducing labor and management costs through self-administration of ordering and payment accepting tasks.
  • The accurate order process and fast print-out of receipt through the kiosk shortened the robot's beverage production time shortening overall waiting time by more than half, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • The ergonomic modular kiosk suits various environments and met the needs of customer, increasing the number of return customers and expanding accessibility.