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Subject Reservation Service Solution for American Healthcare Company
  • 2022.01.14
Customer Description
  • The largest H&B(Health&Beauty) company in the US specializes in healthcare and has 9,600 stores in 50 states.
  • As the number of hair and beauty-related products increases, the sales volume and business area are expanding.
Customer Objectives
  • By operating a separate system for purchasing hair and beauty products and service reservations at the store, they wanted to improve the concentration of employees on basic tasks.
  • They wanted to simplify the cumbersome reservation process and reduce customers' waiting time for reservations.
  • They wanted to design an intuitive and simple user screen so that customers can directly use the reservation system.
  • They wanted to continuously expose promotions for products and services by implementing the advertising display function.
  • Due to the nature of the store, which displays colorful beauty products, the kiosk also preferred colors and designs that were not rigid or crude.
  • We needed to design high-performance systems to showcase, select, and reserve a variety of products and services.
  • We needed an easy-to-use interface that could reflect all the details required for reservation with just the touch of a customer's finger.
  • A system that can transmit advertisement images and videos must also be supported when the reservation process is not in progress.
  • You should propose a kiosk with various colors and designs that match the store concept and characteristics.
  • A high-performance CPU and graphics support system that can operate a large number of products and customer DB are applied.
  • High-performance PCAP touch function is applied to the kiosk screen to facilitate the process of product purchase and service reservation.
  • An easy system was applied so that managers can individually apply promotional images and videos for each store.
  • In order not to obscure the atmosphere of the store, a custom color kiosk was proposed for each store.
Results and Benefits
  • With the introduction of the reservation system kiosk, sales increased because it was possible to focus on product sales and service provision in the store rather than customer management.
  • Customers were satisfied with the screen configuration, where they could see all products and services and make an active choice.
  • In addition, customers were satisfied with the use of the reservation system kiosk because of the quick response of the touch screen.
  • Store promotions were promoted to customers through images and videos of Full HD screen kiosks in the store, and the number of regular reservations by certain customers increased.
  • The compact and slim design and custom colors are well matched to stores.