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Subject Self Check Out Kiosk Solution for Coffee Franchise
  • 2021.05.10
Customer Description
  • Our customer is one of leading Korean Coffee franchise which has more than 2500 stores throughout Korea and it expected to exceed 3,000 stores by the end of 2020.
  • The customer has been developing drinks and coffees by collaborate with famous baristas to lead the trends and fulfill the customers’ needs, and they are not only enhancing customer services, but also pursuing to provide more benefits and profits to franchise store owners.
Customer Objectives
  • Customer wanted to reduce store operation costs and allocate the workforces efficiently.
  • The customer has been looking for a solution to improve service quality and employee's work satisfaction at the same time.
  • Existing work flow in which Barista takes orders and makes beverages.
  • Current workflow leads to lower customer satisfaction, due to the lack of customer services or served drink qualities.
  • They want to create a work and service environment where customer can place orders through POS devices by themselves, so that Baristas are able to focus on making beverages.
Project Characteristics
  • Project duration: 6 months
  • Development Goal: Simplifying order and payment process to ease the usage of Kiosk
  • Project Size: Customer plans to install BIGPOS solution more than 1,000 stores
Technical Highlights
  • BIGPOS Supports diversified payment method, such as Samsung Pay and KAKAO Pay.
  • BIGPOS provides intuitive UI and UX, so that most of users are able to order and find the ideal items without education or help.
  • BIGPOS provides convenient membership service and management tools for users; therefore, customers are easily joining the membership and use the coupon services through BIGPOS.
  • BIGPOS applied modular type options, such as printer, scanner, MSR/SCR, NFC, and camera.
  • Customer can select any options with slick and unified design.
  • BIGPOS developed 3 different installation types, such as Floor Standing Type, Countertop Type, and Wall-mount type, therefore, it is able to install any environment with ideal solutions.
  • POSBANK provides ideal software solutions for the customer and local support and maintenance services are provided.
  • BIGPOS can display advertisement on main screen, so that customer use the BIG POS as cost effective advertisement tool.
  • Kiosk type POS system is hard to add or remove the options due to the housing or design limitation.
  • Essential and key of this project was how to reduce the requests or assistance while customers are ordering through BIGPOS.
  • Order and payment procedure should be easy and intuitive.
  • When POSBANK develop the BIGPOS, one of our main focus was flexibility and expendability of options, such as NFC, scanner and etc. ; therefore, we have developed and applied modular type option items for BIGPOS, so that we are able to fulfill customer’s requirements and requests.
  • Customer’s one of main goal for this project is reduce the work force and enhance the customer experience; therefore, POSBANK’s software engineers were trying to simplify order and payment procedure.
Result & Benefits
  • Streamlined store operations; improved order speed.
  • Due to the intuitive and well categorized UI on BIGPOS, customers can select the drinks and personal options conveniently.
  • BIGPOS ease the payment procedure by intuitive UI.
  • BIGPOS reduces time and human errors while receiving the orders.
  • Improved employee productivity; thereby driving more revenue.
  • BIGPOS improves productivity by reducing emotional consumption and lowering worker stress levels of employees.
  • Employees are able to concentrate on serving drinks, so that mistakes or wastes are reduced.
  • BIGPOS reduces workforce who takes orders from customers.
  • BIGPOS provides less stressful work environment; it reduces mistakes and enhance the quality of served drink.