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Subject Installation of payment POS terminals in stores of famous clothing brands on the African continent
  • 2022.06.16
Customer Description
  • As a clothing brand operating in Tunisia, it has 33 stores in Tunisia and is expanding its business internationally on the African continent.
Customer Objectives
  • We are looking for a POS terminal that facilitates payment, sales, and inventory management in offline stores.
  • Since this brand company is expanding its business online, it was hoped that the hardware and software would be configured as an organic solution to form a business model combined with online.
  • It should be a high-performance CPU that can increase the number of offline stores or have scalability such as an on-off business model.
  • Upgrades or maintenance should be done easily and conveniently for each offline store.
  • The latest CPU, SSD, and RAM are installed to optimize the solution to high specifications.
  • In collaboration with a software company, we created a solution with scalability in mind, such as increasing the number of offline stores, developing store networks, and linking with online businesses.
Results and Benefits
  • As it grew into a family brand, they were satisfied with the payment POS terminal that could be used smoothly without major technical flaws while paying for various clothes and fashion accessories.
  • Expectations were high for the POS function tailored to the company's business strategy and the solution that created an environment that could be further upgraded.